Real-time strategy (RTS) games

Real-Time Strategy Game (RTS) is the most popular subgenre of strategy game genre. In RTS, players control units and construct various types of buildings that have a specific purpose. With said buildings, players are usually allowed to construct additional units to overtake or destroy the opposing players. Real-time strategy games usually feature resource management, and resources are used to buy more buildings and more units. The resource acquirement is usually done through specific units or buildings with resources themselves appearing in the special points of the map. The games of the RTS genre sometimes feature technological development and advancement, with things like “super-units” or “super-buildings” being the primary target of the technological evolution. The games of RTS genre can be very complex and sometimes require advanced strategic planning but the difficulty did not steer away the strategy gameplayers from making RTS the defining strategy genre. As the name implies, RTS games are played in real-time.


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