Platform games

Platformers are video games where you’ll have to do a lot of jumping. When playing platform games you will have to jump from one platform or ledge or anything of the sort to another. Game screen can be single or scrolling either on horizontal or vertical axis. As the platformers developed 3D platform games appeared.

Mostly you’ll have to go through the levels and beat the obstacles you find within. You will encounter enemies, environmental obstacles that you’ll have to evade, jump around or beat down to pass through the level. From time to time you may encounter bosses (it will happen eventually, whether you like it or not).

On your way you may find collectables or/and various upgrades for your character that will help you on your way as the levels will be getting more and more difficult.

Platformers are one of the oldest game genres and popular ones as well. At the time platformers were a most popular video game genre, their popularity dropped after the 1990s, but later on platformers regained great deal of the popularity they once had and are very appealing to immerse yourself in.

I’d say they are simply enjoyable games, wouldn’t you agree?


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