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Times of Conflict
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Eugen Systems

Times of Conflict is the first strategy game developed by and published by . The game features single player campaign and skirmish game types, as well as a LAN multiplayer mode. Gameplay is very similar to early games in the Command & Conquer franchise, while the campaign itself features a non-linear story centered around one of three heroes of the game's factions. Each faction controls a certain area of the game's fictional world Edhear. Even though the game contains three factions, battles only involve two factions at a time. The player can choose to invade enemy zones from the world map, which will trigger a battle and some dialogue specific to their chose hero and the opposing faction, both before and after battle. In battles, standard RTS objectives and controls apply, with base-building, resource gathering, 360 degree camera control, box selections and control grouping being featured in there.