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Wildfire Worlds
Mac PC

The game is loosely based around the anti-capitalist riots in Tottenham in 2011. The game is in alpha form at the moment, but many gameplay elements can already be seen - an indirect control scheme, strategic use of resources and barely-contained mayhem. The game features papercraft graphics and a full day/night cycle and for alpha backers there is also a sandbox mode.

The aim of the game is to rally a band of hoodie-wearing activists with a circle of influence - although targets can be indicated, the player has no direct control over his activists or their targets. Instead, activists will flock around and terrorise citizens and damage buildings by themselves unless guided. When activists surround a citizen or policeman they will either be converted into activists and absorbed into the crowd or killed, and in this way you can build up a roving band of angry hooligans.

As the riot escalates, activists will begin to brandish placards and destroy buildings. This also allows generation of leaders, which the player can direct more effectively than regular activists, in order to converge on large buildings, such as the banks or utility companies, which - reminiscent of Pikmin - require great force to topple. Police react against the player's plottings with a variety of weapons from basic nightsticks to guns and grenades.