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House of the Dying Sun
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Marauder Interactive
Marauder Interactive
Enemy Starfighter


House of the Dying Sun is a single-player space combat game that has you take the role of not only the fighter pilot but also the tactician on the capital ship as you formulate a plan of attack and execute it in real time, switching from tactical map to in-cockpit view on the fly.

At its most simplified, the game revolves around you planning and carrying out missions with the goal of eliminating an enemy force and then using loot from your last strike to make your fleet tougher and deadlier for the next run. Dying means game over and should you survive, any units that are lost are gone forever.



The game features classic starfighter combat, which allows you to get up close and personal with whatever the enemy sees fit to throw at you.

The movement of fighters is not fully conserved (not full Newtonian physics) but projectiles are affected by the shooter’s velocity, velocity drifting will occur and much more.


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Before each battle, a tactical planning phase allows you to formulate your battle strategy for maximum impact on capital ships, convoys and heretic dens. You can also pause the game mid-conflict to get a better understanding of the battle raging around you and issue orders as you see fit.


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A persistent fleet means your actions have meaningful consequences and also allows you to customize your fleet to meet your own play style and preferences. Ships can be reinforced and upgraded using resources obtained in previous engagements.


The game’s dynamic campaign means different systems will be at the mercy of the Empire in each playthrough.