4X Strategy Games

4X is a subcategory and category of its own of the strategy video game. In a typical 4X gameplayer controls an empire or a civilization and “eXplores, eXpands, eXploits and eXterminates”. 4X games differ from the other strategy games by them being more difficult, deeper, complex and offering micromanagement in one way or another. The other difference between a typical strategy game and a typical 4X game, is that a most of the 4Xs offer opportunity to win the match by means of technological advancement or diplomatic victory.  Micromanagement is a big part of a 4X game, though with time the micromanagement might become too tiresome – the bigger the empire, the more time and attention you have to pay to the small-picture stuff. Latest entries in the 4X genre address this feature more thoroughly with some having more moderate success than others. Civilization games are usually the poster-boys of the 4X genre. If you're looking for a deeper strategic experience, look no further.