Stealth games

Stealth game genre will require you to stay hidden and beat the game unseen by your enemies. In other to do so you’ll have to use stealth, of course. Avoid the enemies, use disguises, don’t make noise, be quiet yet efficient. Stealth games differ from other Action games. Here you have to avoid confrontation with your enemies instead of going straight at them. Later on Stealth based games started to mix stealthy actions and direct combat to achieve higher diversity of the gameplay.

Basically Stealth games task you to complete challenges without being detected by the enemy. So these games include a lot of lurking in the shadows and waiting for the right moment to creep through or to strike your enemy from behind.

Light, shadow and sounds are very important elements of Stealth games design. You may get to control light to some extent or just use the shadows to your advantage. Moving recklessly will result in more sound, so trying to be stealthy will fail. There usually are quite some environmental details to take into account when trying to use stealth to get through the game. It’s like playing hide and seek on your computer.