Survival horror

Survival-horror games are subgenre of Action-Adventure games that will try to frighten you and kill your character. Survival-horror games usually make you feel limited and puts less control in your hands (less ammo, less health and so on) while you have to concentrate on survival. Based on the resources you have in Survival-horror games, you are not likely to be willing to dive into a fight. The game is likely to force you though, making you go and face everything somehow unprepared (it’s survival horror, after all) In order to get through the game alive you will have to face challenges, solve puzzles, and find new paths. Suddenness and unexpectedness of enemy attacks will accompany you all the time. Usually the game environments in Survival-horror are dark, horrific and the paths you take tend to remind you of a maze (and we sort of tend to forget how to navigate when we are in a maze…).

Behind the macabre environment the storyline is based on investigation and facing the surprise-kind of enemy attacks and surviving the experience, of course.