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Players take the role of a budding entrepreneur, whose hotel is under attack from a Texas Capaitalist named Tarnation Tadstock. Every level begins with the player in control of a single room with its own health bar which they must protect from approaching enemies until the level ends to succeed. The player is able to defend their hotel by buying and placing different types of room onto this central room, with each level offering the player a different collection of rooms available. These rooms all have their own health bar and may be destroyed by taking too much damage, and additional new rooms can be built onto these currently constructed rooms. In addition, each room changes the soundscape of the game by chiming with its own notes at specific intervals. The available rooms in the game include the following:

  • Basic Rooms For Rent
  • Gun Rooms
  • Mine Launchers
  • Hospitals
  • Ice Rooms
  • Short Term Solutions

Many rooms fulfil attack roles, damaging or otherwise hindering enemies, but ice rooms can hinder enemies by slowing them, hospitals can restore health to other rooms in the player's hotel, and rooms for rent can provide income over time so that the player can build further rooms. Enemies typically come in three varieties: Those who do damage by firing projectiles towards the hotel, those who do damage by attacking the hotel unarmed, and those who do damage by hitting the hotel while simultaneously destroying themselves. The game also includes bosses at the end of worlds who have their own unique patterns of behaviour.

At the end of levels the game calulcates score based on the enemies defeated, the number of rooms constructed, and the number of rooms left intact. These scores can then be posted to online leaderboards. The game contains five different worlds total, each containing five levels, which are as follows:

  1. Desert Downfall
  2. Shoreline Shambles
  3. Mountain Mayhem
  4. Villainsville
  5. Galactic Gambit

Every world includes a different visual style for the hotels, different backgrounds, different sound effects, and different enemies.