I'm Gonna Be God of The Forest (0)

I'm Gonna Be God of The Forest
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PC PlayStation Network (Vita)


I'm Gonna Be God of The Forest is an ecology simulation developed by Shindenken for Windows and . It puts the player in the role of a forest god, who must manage the local ecology so that the animals there thrive and become strong enough to repel the hordes of invading machines. The game contains both a 30 level challenge mode, and a continuous campaign mode.


I'm Gonna Be God of The Forest is a strategy game with tower defense elements. You manage and control a complex ecosystem to protect yourself from evil machines that want to come and destroy the forest you built. You can grow stronger creatures from weaker organisms to help fight for you and your forest. You can call up a chart anytime during a mission for reference to the evolution of organisms and creatures. The Evolution Chart has red and blue arrows to show the two types of nutrients to create new creatures. Red dots represent culling animals; blue dots are for culling plants. There are certain behaviors each organisms has for its eating and attacking habits so every organism has a unique role. On one side of the chart you have Rex and Headram the carnivores, that will attack. The other side you have Orchards and Greenroofs, that do not attack, they only provide food.

Creatures & Organisms

Oozy: Is a slow creature but is a very useful. It is the first stage of evolution form Dot egg. Oozy will most likely be your first line of defense in many battles. They can gather shrubs and trenches for its primary food. It can attack at a distance and can take out large groups.

Rex: If you follow the red nutrients path from a Ellyps egg you will get the meanest and largest carnivorousness beast in your forest, Rex! This creature is prefect for crushing and eating anything that is smaller then it, like Ellyps, Oozies or Dots. One of the strongest defensive creatures in your forest.

Ellyps: A creature evolved from a Dot egg with red nutrients. It will attack anything it sees including your own organisms, primarily dots and oozies. On the other hand they reproduce rather quickly so they are great for attacking in numbers and will scavenge enemies.

Dot: The most important creature in your forest is a small egg shaped, lowest on the food chain dot. They only eat shrubs and reproduce soon after. The main purpose of dots is they serve an abundant amount of animal nutrients. They are however useless for defense and are easy prey among the bigger threats and will ignore everything except shrubs.