Roguelike is a subgenre of role-playing video games. With the name coming from the 1980's game Rogue, Roguelike games are typically dungeon-crawlers, which feature monsters, variety of items and different environments. Roguelikes are characterized by permadeath, turn-based movement and procedurally generated levels. Games of roguelike genre usually employ most the mentioned features, but with time the word became more like an adjective to the games with some of the features, rather than the exact definition of a very specific type of a video game. New variations of roguelikes pop up all the time and some of them mix up the genres freely. Observations based on the difficulty of roguelikes allowed developers completely change or remove the traditional features; features likes tile-based movement are often removed to appeal to a broader audience with features of action and platformer video games taking its place. Still, the core elements of true Roguelikes remain – turn-based, permadeath, randomly-generated games with a steep learning curve.