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Call to Arms
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Call to Arms was first announced through Digitalmindsoft's Facebook and steam pages. A kickstarter-style funding drive was also started to try and earn support from Men of War fans for the new IP. Digitalmindsoft plans to start an actual kickstarter in the near future once more material is available to show off about the game.

Announced features:

  • 2 factions, the United States and the "Global Revolutionary Movement"
  • 60 customizable weapons
  • 16 player multiplayer
  • 10 maps
  • 20 different vehicles
  • Full mod support similar to what was available in Men of War, and the ability to publish mods to the community.

Digitalmind soft has stated it's intention to make Call to Arms a more focused experience than Assault Squad, with fewer redundant units and tighter gameplay overall. Improvements have been made to the engine to make the experience more stable. Call to arms is also intended to be more approachable for new players compared to the Men of War games.