Hack and Slash games

Hack and Slash games focus on combat (and a lot of hacking and slashing, of course). Who doesn’t like some gory fighting? There is not much strategy (barely any in most cases) you can apply here but the gameplay will definitely result in tons of violent action.

Originally Hack and Slash games were 2D at first and featured a very narrow variety of weapon options, but later on the games evolved and now you have tons of different options that are making games more complex and deep. In many ways Hack and Slash will remind you of Beat ‘em Up genre, having a lot of enemies to beat down and tons of heavy action going on everywhere around you.

Hack and Slash games are usually a great fun to play. There is not much thinking just straightforward action and slashing through your enemies. Even if you are not the fan of the genre, you may still enjoy some good hacking and slashing once in a while. Just to relax. Just to feel the joys of pure action.