How to Beat Mytha, the Baneful Queen Boss in Dark Souls II

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Poison. That stuff stings.

You want some tips on how to beat Mytha, the Baneful Queen? Here are some.

Before going into logistics of the itself, you probably noticed a pool of poisonous slime in the area where Mytha, the Baneful Queen resides. You can actually drain that. And you should do that too. The Poison won’t affect you and won’t hinder your ability to fight and there won’t be a-something that heals Mytha. Anyway,  here is how to do it:

Rappelling down the area, just to the right of the staircase, you’ll see a small room with a bonfire. Lit your torch. In the other side of the little room where the bonfire is, you’ll see windmill-like machine. If you come closer to it, you’ll be able to light it on fire. The windmill will burn, draining all of the poison in the Mytha’s area.

Now you’re ready to fight her.

After removing the pool of Poison, the fight becomes relatively easy. She doesn’t heal and her attacks become somewhat not that hard to avoid. She has a low resistance to fire, so weapon coated in one will be the bane of the Mytha. It goes without mentioning, that she is immune to Poison.

The moment you enter fog, she’ll greet you with a lunge. Roll to the side from that attack. The thrusts that she will use are of different range, but are easy to avoid. Different range also means that you’ll have to look after your range too. She sometimes uses downward spear attack to complete her thrust combo. Again, range and distance.

Standing too close to her might give her an opening to grab you with her tail. The grab does a tremendous amount of damage, so don’t expect any free-shots from this battle.

Mytha uses a Magic Beam attack. The beam splits in an arc-like wave, so just run to whenever side that you can and roll as fast as you can too. Mytha screams before her Magic Beam attack, so use that scream as a warning.

The best strategy to use in this fight is keeping your distance somewhat midrange between her and yourself. Standing too close puts you in danger of getting grabbed by her tail. Standing too far from Mytha will provoke her to use ranged magic attack. By standing in the middle you’ll become a target for her thrust attacks, that are, like mentioned before are quite easy to avoid. After a successful roll, just creep onto her and strike her a couple of times.

You can use a heavy weapon in favor of a shield. You’ll be able to strike Mytha harder reducing the length of the battle. But the advantage of a shield is invaluable too. The protection from her thrusts gives you more opportunity to get closer to her, without getting accidentally stabbed because of a poorly calculated roll or an early combo opening. Being shielded from her attacks seems like a more practical and versatile idea.

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