Dark Souls 2 - How to Beat the Flexile Sentry Boss

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Strong and double sided, Flexile Sentry is a Dark Souls 2 boss and to defeat it, you’ll need some tips.
The first and foremost thing that you should is avoid, avoid, avoid. Flexile Sentry is a rather quick and strong but also with advantage of having its back watched. Always. Flexile Sentry is combined of two bodies. The front one is equipped with two swords and the one in the back is equipped with two spiked clubs. The one with two spiked clubs should be your primary target -- it’s attacks are slower and more predictable than the one’s of the two sword wielder.
As a side note, don’t dwell and try to defeat it as fast as you can, because the water level of the room is slowly rising, hindering your movement and ability to dodge, and increasing the chances of your character dying by the unrelenting Flexile Sentry.
The room is of a square form and it is fairly straightforward in terms of complexity, so conversely, there is no extra room for maneuvering around the Flexile Sentry and its attacks. But there is a big but in the middle of the room - a column, in the middle of it, which will become your tool of navigation. Use the column to avoid Flexile Sentry’s attacks and to navigate around it to use the window of the opportunity to attack Flexile Sentry. Watch and follow the pattern of Flexile Sentry’s spiked clubs attacks. After it trusts the maces into the ground, jump in, and attack it twice. Repeat until you defeated the Flexile Sentry.
The key is to use the wooden column as a point of strafing and dodging. Flexile Sentry will be constricted of extra movement and it will allow you to navigate and calculate your attacks easier.

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