Dark Souls II - How to Beat Guardian Dragon Boss

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Entering the cage area you’ll be greeted by a slick looking Guardian Dragon. Though the monster is not of the “strongest of the Dark Souls II boss” creed, Guardian Dragon has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Note: The fight is easiest wearing something light. Mobility and a well-time roll is invaluable in this fight.

The moment you enter the area, run straight to him. You’ll get in him like two good licks, before he flies into the air. Though, beware, he’ll stomp you if you’re too eager. After you hit him a couple of times and he lifts up, run a little bit further the area.

Guardian Dragon’s skill and difficulty comes from his fire attacks. Fire Breath and Fireball attacks are the things that make this fight what it is. Whenever Guardian Dragon flies right into the air, he’ll either linger in air or perch right into the dragon cage, targeting you with his fire attack. Whenever you see him preparing for it, just wait until it starts. Run to the farthest most point of the area. The attack follows you and deals a decent amount of damage.

After his Fire Breath or Fireball attack, he’ll get down. Guardian Dragon will, depending on your positioning, try to attack you with a Stomp, Bite or Tail Whip attack, or with the combination of all of them. The closer you are to him, while he lands, the bigger the chance of you getting hit with one of those attacks, but avoiding them altogether is not impossible.

When to strike? Well, after his devastating fire attacks that he uses mid-air, he might use one more, but when he lands. If you’re far enough, he’ll try to cook you with his Fire Breath attack. That’s when you strike. The attack will be concentrated in only one direction, from which you can safely roll away. After avoiding the Fire Breath attack, just run straight to him. His side will be uncovered and unshielded. That’s when you strike. If you’re fast enough, you can get in like 3 or 4 hits. If your character is Strength based, you’ll have no problems, whatsoever, taking about half of his health. Use strategy to successfully eliminate Guardian Dragon.

That’s about it. If you want your hits to have more impact, know that Guardian Dragon has low resistance to Dark and Magic. You can use this to your advantage. Naturally, Guardian Dragon is highly resistant to Fire.

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