How to Join the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant - Dark Souls

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Today, we’re going to show how to join the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant. The Sun Bros. First, you’ll have to have 25 faith as to join the Sun Bros. That’s the base requirements, but it’s possible to reduce it. Help another player defeat the boss and the faith requirement will drop by 5 points. To actually join the Sunlight Covenant you have to get under the Hellkite dragon. The dragon itself is perched by the bridge so be careful. Of course, you can kill it, but the task is difficult as the dragon is one of most difficult enemies around. It’s possible to avoid it altogether – when he starts breathing fire just roll to avoid his attack. At the end of the bridge you’ll reach the Sunlight Altar. Use the Altar to pray and select “Join the Covenant”. Boom. You’re a part of the Sunlight Covenant. Praise the Sun!


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