Dark Souls II - How Beat Twin Dragonrider Bosses

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Dragonrider one, Dragonrider two. How to beat them? Not that hard, actually.

At first, you’ll be going one on one with, well...one Dragonrider. This Dragonrider is identical to the one fought before. This time, you won’t have to worry about the obstacles and holes that you might fall into, so, the combination of environmental advantage and your prior knowledge of the Dragonrider skillset will guarantee you that this fight won’t surprise you in anyway.

The only disadvantage that you might have is the quantity of the enemy. The moment you reduce the first Dragonrider’s health to 50%, you’ll be greeted by a thrown spear and a second Dragonrider.

The second Dragonrider doesn’t have any additional abilities, and he’s identical to the first one that you’ll be fighting. The only advantage of the second one, is his health. He’s going to have more of it, than the first one.

 Okay, the logistics. If you remember from before, the Dragonrider’s moveset is not that vast and varied. He has four attacks:

  • Shield Bash - a medium to short range shield attack;
  • Halberd Sweep Attack - a Dragonrider semi-circle sweep attack;
  • Halberd Thrust - a forward thrust attack, with high reach;
  • Overhead Smash - Dragonrider jumps and smashes his Halberd directly in front of him.

All of the attacks that the Dragonrider uses are easily avoidable. His strikes a powerful, but as massive as he is, he’s slow, so a single roll when he starts his combo might be just enough avoid his weapon completely. Even if there are two of them, the roll and the dodge part is not that hard. Bringing a shield will deter you from any surprises.

Though they’re slow and easy to avoid, the opening to strike either one of them might be just a little bit harder to catch.

The most practical way to finish this battle as soon as you can, is to focus on the first one of the Dragonriders. The weakened one. Eliminating him will give a simple fight with second one, an enemy whose attacks are known to you are not unpredictable in any way.

If you find yourself  a bit surrounded or cornered, try to use the bait tactic. Just run around the fighting room/area until one of them will try to Overhead Smash you. After the attack, the Dragonrider gets a bit winded, giving you an opening to strike. Use the opportunity. Don’t get too cocky though, the other one is usually right next to the one you’re attacking. A simple one or a two hit should be just enough to give something and avoid getting something. Just rinse and repeat.

If your character build is based around strength, this fight will be breeze. Though, if you feel like you’re in disadvantage and feel a bit hindered try to use lighter armor. Like briefly mentioned before, you can try to utilize a shield, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by Twin Dragonriders attacks.


Extra: Both of the Dragonriders have some immunity against Magic and Dark, but conversely, both of them have low Fire and Lightning resistance. They can and are susceptible to Poison attacks.

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