Dark Souls II - How to Beat Velstadt, the Royal Aegis Boss

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If you got through that ever annoying entrance unscathed, you’ll be greeted by Velstadt, the Royal Aegis. These tips might help you defeat him, and prevent you from going through the same area over and over again.

Velstadt, the Royal Aegis is a melee character; besides his Dark Burst attack, Velstadt only uses his metal hammer and his legs to power-stomp and eliminate you.

Upon arriving, you’ll notice that the room, in which Velstadt resides, is quite small and packed with pillars. If you want to increase the chances of a successful dodge and a roll, you might wish to increase the size of the room. A good idea would be is to stand behind the pillars, while Velstadt obliterates them by trying to hit you. Of course, don’t stand too long. Just until he starts swinging his hammer.

You’ll have more room, it’ll be easier to maneuver and the chances of you defeating Velstadt will be far more better.

Before fighting him, remember that his mace deals a massive amount of damage and has a long range. Velstadt’s fight is the one where you just can’t allow yourself to be struck by his weapon -- avoid his attacks at all costs.

Velstadt is fond of using sweep attacks. Naturally, you’ll have to avoid them. But another thing to notice, is that he’s quite mobile on the field, and whenever you dodge-roll or side-sweep him, you’ll have very few seconds to react to his attacks. Essentially, that is the moment(those few seconds) when you should strike him, and, unfortunately, the moment you have to be the most careful, as, like mentioned before, his attacks are massive in terms of the amount of damage that they deliver.

After hitting him more than a few times, he’ll imbrue his mace with Dark energy. The moment he does that, you’ll have to deal not only with raw damage but Dark too. The good thing is, his attacks will remain the same. You won’t have to deal with something outrageous, like with some bosses, after they “enhance” themselves.

His ranged attacks require no additional attention, they’re easy to dodge, but notice that the wind up for the attack is quite long. Use that, as moment to strike him. You’ll get 2-3 attacks, if you’re quick and careful enough.

Without getting verbose, just know this: use the simple strategy of strike and dodge. Velstadt’s cooldowns are not that long, yet long enough for you to strike and maneuver around him. He only has one ranged attack, so you won’t be in danger of being obliterated by something homing and destructive, by keeping your distance.

Velstadt strikes in 3 or 4 Hammer Slam/Hammer Swing attacks. After catching up with his routine, just strike when you can. Remember, though, he rapidly recovers and attacks in combos, so be quick on your feet and sharp in your weapon.

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