Dark Souls 2 - How to Beat the Skeleton Lords Boss

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With the help of the video and this little guide, you’ll be a able to defeat a Skeleton Lord Boss. Or bosses, if you wish to get technical. These three skeletons are one of the easier bosses to defeat, yet for an unsuspecting player they might cause some trouble.

Skeletons are divided into three individual unit types. Each has unique ability and each of them spawn a different type of skeleton. The Scythe Lord, who wields Great Scythe, upon death will spawn Estoc skeletons. The Spear Lord, who rocks the Roaring Halberd, will spawn Falchion Skeletons and the weakest of the three, Staff Lord, with the help of catalyst, used by Aldia Warlock, will spawn Bonewheel Skeletons, upon its death.

The smartest strategy would be to take them one by one. Except of killing them all together, kill the Skeleton and then their specified spawns. Any class combinations will work in this matter, as the quantity of the enemy is the biggest factor to pay attention to, when it comes to the difficulty of these Skeleton Lords. Attack and kill the Staff Lord first. While the Staff Lord is the weakest of the three, its spawns are the difficult ones. After killing them and strategically avoid other Skeleton Lords, target the Spear Lord. Its reach is quite large so targeting it first, will save you from the annoying feeling of getting poked. Beat him and his Falchion Skeletons. Then the Scythe Lord. Rinse and repeat. Scythe Lord’s spawns will be the easiest to defeat. Funnily enough, you can use the same strategy but starting from the back - killing Scythe Lord will get you a first kill, leaving the strongest spawns, the Bonewheel Skeletons, for dessert.

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