Dark Souls II - How to beat the Giant Lord Boss

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Similar in its attacks to the Last Giant, the Giant Lord is a hunkering, giant boss yet to be defeated by you. Follow these steps in order to beat it to advance further.

The key thing to do is not to be afraid of the Giant Lord’s attacks and get between his legs, to strike at the right moment. Backing out, yet staying close to it is the surefire way to defeat Giant Lord quicker.

One of the main difficulties that the Giant Lord provides is the camera angle of the fight - Giant Lord is, like the name implies, a giant, so you’ll have a hard time to calculate his massive attacks that he delivers when you’re focusing on yours. To be precise, the order of attacks and where it’s going to strike you.

Unlike the Last Giant, the Giant Lord boss uses a sword. A massive one, for that matter. Complementing his height, the sword acts as a massive sweep that is hard to dodge.

Giant Lord also uses his height and strength as advantage to stomp you. Avoid his stomping attacks and be alert, as it may use them almost instantly after a sweep attack.

Try to focus on Giant Lord’s left leg. It uses right hand to carry and use the sword, so by following its sweep attack, left-to-right, you’ll get a window of opportunity to strike at its the least shielded spot.

There is also environmental damage. Fireballs to your direction are sure to hinder your attacks and the ability to follow Giant Lords steps. Use the walls to shield yourself from them.

Essentially, that is it. Just avoid Giant Lords attacks and strike it as much as you can.



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