Dark Souls II - How to Beat the Prowling Magus and the Congregation Boss

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Look, this is what you get sometimes. Some dude and another dude that requires a couple of hits. If by some reason you’re dying, read these tips that might help you to beat them.

After entering the area, you’ll be swarmed by enemies: Prowling Magus, two Clerics and Zombies(Congregation). Thing is, all of them are weak, so though upon entering the area it may appear that you’re about to be steamrolled by numbers, you’re actually safe if you have a weapon that can kill and you’re not afraid to use it.

Target the minions first, so you’d have a clear way to hit the Cleric duo or the Magus. They’re weak, easy to kill and don’t have any discerning attacks or spells, that you should be aware of.

One of the Clerics uses a healing spell, so targeting him first will prevent you from staying in this fight longer than you should. Another uses Lightning Bolt attack, so targeting and eliminating him first will make you less susceptible to ranged damage. The Lightning Bolt attack is harder to avoid, but it is possible. It’s not homing, so when you see it, just roll to the side. Though, to be safe, you might want to use a shield. Blocking it will prevent you from getting hit, and getting hit might encumber you, which will make you susceptible to any minion attacks. If, of course, there are any left.

The Magus uses a ranged Dark Orb attack. The Dark Orb attack is quite slow, so you’ll have plenty of time to roll out if its way.

The room has some benches that might be cleared out of the way. Increasing the size of the area will increase the chances of finishing this fight faster, and will give you more room to avoid any of the ranged attacks.

Most of the time, in the end, you’ll be left with Prowling Magus. He’s not that strong, so getting in, and giving him two or three licks, before he uses his AoE Knockback attack, should be easy. Hit him a couple of times more and...that’s it.

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