Dark Souls 2 - How to Beat the Pursuer

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The Pursuer is one of the more annoying and difficult bosses in Dark Souls 2, but there’s a way to beat him without that much sweat. The fight might be a long one, so an advanced gear and high enough level might increase chances of beating the Pursuer without that much hassle. Well, some hassle, as the Pursuer is a huge pain in the butt. First and foremost – dodge. His “slash – overhead swing” attack is a massive damage breaker, so when you see the Pursuer lifting his shield up, be prepared to dodge-roll his attacks. Another massive attack that he does is horizontal slash – an attack the Pursuer uses when you get too close. Avoid that too as it does massive damage. Another attack that the Pursuer uses is his magical glowing blade attack. The glowing blade attack curses your character and reduces health permanently until you use a human effigy to return it to normal. That's where the “the human effigy eater” nickname comes from, by the way. The Pursuer is both agile and strong, so the key is to avoid his massive damage dealing attacks and strike at the right time – just after his second or third attack that you just avoided. 

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