Dark Souls II - How to Beat Aldia, scholar of the First Sin

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To reach and fight the most recently added boss, Aldia, scholar of the First Sin, you’ll have to meet a few of the requirements.

First, you’ll have to meet him at all three places that he appears. Exhaust all dialogue with him and answer to all questions with “Yes”. Then, you’ll have to defeat both, King Vendrick and Queen Nashandra, in that order. After meeting all of the requirements, Aldia, scholar of the First Sin becomes available as a boss. Beating him and leaving the throne room, where you fought him, will trigger an alternate ending. Now to the fight.

Aldia, scholar of the First Sin has a couple of attacks. When you enter the throne room, he’ll use a tentacle “smash” attack on you. His tentacle attack will follow you and extend to you upon just before smashing in your general direction. After it, smaller tentacles will spawn and pop up around him.

Aldia, scholar of the First Sin has a fireball attack. It’s quite slow and avoiding it actually doesn’t require a roll, if you’re wearing light armor. Just run away from it to the side. He has a similar dark orb attack. Aldia fires three to five orbs, which follow your moves. Upon nearing you, just roll away from them.

The most noticeable and important ability that Aldia has is his teleportation. After using an attack, he’ll teleport to another place in the throne room. After a couple of seconds he’ll cover himself in fire/energy aura. Those couple of seconds are your window of opportunity to strike him once or twice.

Aldia charges his attacks slowly, but upon charging them to completion, run. The attacks deal serious damage and can, quite literally, smash and burn you in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, the “charging” of those are attacks are of most importance. That’s when you should come in contact with him and strike. After delivering a couple of blows, just run away. While you’re running, prepare to dodge the incoming fireball or a tentacle attack.

Fire damage reducing items are a good idea in this fight, ‘cause most of Aldia’s attacks are fire based. Shielding yourself from them will, more likely, decrease the difficulty of this level. Light armor is a good idea, even though his attacks are devastating. Agility and mobility, when it comes to striking and avoiding him, are vital when it comes to fighting Aldia, scholar of the First Sin.

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