Dark Souls II - How to Beat the Duke's Dear Freja

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Spooky spiders. Like it’s a surprise there are some in Dark Souls. The spookiest of them all is the Duke’s Dear Freja. A massive spider that releases even more spiders. Fun.

The first and smartest thing to do about going into the fight would be concentrating on those small spiders that spawn just before the fight. Try to ignore the Duke’s Dear Freja at first and kill those crawling beasts before concentrating on her. They’re relatively small, so killing will not be a chore to be annoyed about. The Duke’s Dear Freja attack pattern is quite easy to follow, so just again, complete the task of killing those pests first. But beware, they keep spawning, but in lesser numbers. Ignore them, and then they’ll become something you wish you didn’t; they’re manageable but not something you should completely ignore.

Now to the boss. The Duke’s Dear Freja is two faced monster, so in order to damage her, you have to attack one of her heads. Directly. Attacks from the side will become futile, as the Duke’s Dear Freja is heavily armored.

The Duke’s Dear Freja uses few attacks:

  • The Full Body Slam;
  • The Leg Attack (from front and sides);
  • The Laser Beam attack.

The first few are easy to avoid. Just jump around the Duke’s Dear Freja, back out at the right time and follow the movement her. There’s no real science behind that. What you have to look out for is the the blue laser beam attack that she uses. Besides dealing a hefty amount of damage, the laser beam attack will provide you with an opportunity to strike her. As she begins to use it, run straight to her legs to the other head. The head that is not shooting beams, that is. Strike it. Repeat.
One note: after hitting it more than few times, the head will disappear, so you’ll have to concentrate on the one that is left. Just avoid her beam and as soon as she finishes one of her attacks with legs, strike.

That’s about it. Just don’t forget to keep your eyes on the little spiders. The number might overwhelm you and break your rhythm.

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