Dark Souls II - How to beat the Ancient Dragon

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Ancient Dragon. You’d think an enemy of a massive size should be the hardest thing to defeat. Yet, you can do it without all the grandiose and flair, that the dragon battles usually carry in various video games.

If you’re stuck, and you feel like you need some help, check out some of these tips that might help you.

Remember, preparation is the key.

First, check that your health is full. Ancient Dragon’s attacks are no joke. One or two hits, and you’ll be restarting before you can react. Restoring humanity might be a good idea, if you lost some. Ancient Dragon is extremely resistant to Fire attacks, naturally. He has Magic, Dark and Lightning resistance too, which renders some of the more useful weapon upgrades quite ineffective. Ancient Dragon CAN be poisoned though, so for that little extra edge, take a Poisoned weapon without. Dual-wielding Poisoned weapons is a good idea too, but calculation and patience on your part is required, if you wish to deliver the blows successfully. Potions are useful too. Drowning some strength potions is a good idea too. Anything that gives you a little something is useful in this battle. Don’t overlook even a small percentage of something, that might win you a battle. That little something might be crucial and just enough for you to come out of this battle unscathed.

So, you ran past the guards and you’re on top of the Dragon Shrine. You see the thing. It is massive. What to do? Don’t just stand there pondering;

The moment you enter the “arena”, run straight to the dragon. Right under it, to be precise, as the first thing that it’ll do will be a Breath of Fire attack. That thing takes a lot damage, so just run. The distance between you and it is not that long, so that will be your first moment to strike. Get right under his claws and strike two or three times. The dragon will try to stomp you. When you see it lifting its claw, run to the next one. Strike that one two or three times too.

Repeat that for as long as you can. The method is very basic but effective, though it is not foolproof as it might seem -- the Ancient Dragon will breathe the fire right under itself. When you see its head, know that it will be raining fire and the only thing that you should be focusing on is running away from the attack.

Don’t run too far though, as the attack is not that long, and giving too much of a distance will give the Ancient Dragon more opportunities to strike you down with something different.

When the dragon finishes the fire breath attack, just run back to its claws and strike two or three times again. Run to the next claw. And just repeat that.

That is the most basic way to defeat it, without prolonging or making the fight harder than it should be. The Ancient Dragon will drop a huge amount of souls and some other items, that might be used in the future campaign encounters.

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