Dark Souls 2 - How to Beat Looking Glass Knight

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Unique in its design and abilities, the Looking Glass Knight is a formidable enemy. With some pointers about his abilities and attack moves, you can easily beat this hulking creature in a reflective armor suit without that much sweat. Though his attacks might seem like massive deal and damage breakers, his ability to summon NPC phantoms is the biggest annoyance that Looking Glass Knight might cause. What's even worse, is that he can summon PVP players. Competent ones, for that matter. Note, that killing Looking Glass Knight also banishes all summoned phantoms. Be wary of Looking Glass Knight attacks – if your health is less than half, you'll be dead in no time. He can one hit you without stress, so roll and evasiveness is the key. Though watch your stamina bar, as Looking Glass Knight is a real stamina draining boss. With some quick movements, second counting and strategically delivered blows, Looking Glass Knight will be beat in no time.

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