Dark Souls II - How to Beat the Covetous Demon boss

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Getting some Jabba vibes from this ‘thing’? Us too.

Feel like the ‘thing’ is too hard to beat? Read these tips and you might just do it.

Covetous Demon uses his body to attack you in a couple of different ways. When you enter the area, you’ll be quite far from him, so be prepared to dodge his body slam attack.

He’ll come right after you, but his massive size prevents from any hard chase-downs, so just be prepared to avoid his attacks by running, strafing him and rolling-around them.

The disgusting and the most dangerous attack the Covetous Demon has is his swallow move -- he literally chews on you and spits you out with all your items unequipped. Luckily, they won’t disappear, they’ll be sitting in your inventory safe and sound. Yet, it may become a nuisance to equip all your things again, considering that the demon wants to do that ASAP. His bite always comes from left, so if you want to avoid that attack, just strife and roll to the right side. Besides taking some of your health, the swallow attack will also make you hollow and leave you with a health debuff.

Covetous Demon uses swipe and body roll attacks. If not avoided, they might take some of your health from you, but they’re quite easy to dodge - just roll to corresponding side that this monstrosity is attacking.

Whatever the situation, it is the most practical and useful for you to stay at his side. That’s where you’re going to deliver most of your attacks. He has a build up to his attacks, so avoiding them won’t be difficult. It’s like with all of them -- avoid the attack, know when to keep distance, strike when you see the opportunity. Most of your attacks should be delivered from the right side, as he’s more of a ‘attacks from left to the right’ kind of guy.

Covetous Demon is one of the easiest boss in Dark Souls II. Killing him should not be that difficult. In fact, the boss is but a breeze differing in many ways from the mental-breakdown inducing monstrosities, that might kill you and torture you with their massive and deceptive combos, later on.

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