Dark Souls II - How to beat Lost Sinner Boss

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The hard one. Well, as hard as any other boss in Dark Soul series. Maybe a little bit harder. Lost Sinner is a boss that requires attention, precision and preparation in order to be beaten. But without doing extra work and using deep tactics, we’ll tell share a simple trick with you, that you might use as a guide to beat the Lost Sinner.

The Lost Sinner is quick, gap closing monster, that, if not taken seriously, will decimate you with no problems.

Now keep in mind, this guide is for Lost Sinner tactics, not the environment that you’re fighting her in. So pitch black. Hardmode!

Lost Sinner uses quick attacks. Giant, hard-hitting attacks. The key to beat her is rolling. And at the critical moment, backing out. Lost Sinner has an amazing reach, so you’ll have to be patient in order to strike her. Precision and timing is the key element here.

So without going into details and complex tactics, just use this trick:

Whenever she strikes you, you’ll naturally be trying to roll back from her. Instead, whenever Lost Sinner uses piercing attacks, don’t roll back or too far away - roll behind her. Her movements are prone to leaving her back open and unguarded. Strike. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s that simple. It may take you a few times, but using this trick, you’ll slash the Lost Sinner without any difficulties.


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