Dark Souls II - How to beat the Old Iron King boss

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Old Iron King is a massive fire-demon like boss. You got through that annoying passage to him and now, you’re wondering how to beat him? Let’s hope this tips will help you to achieve that.

The guy smashes his fists a lot. That leaves you with an opening to strike him a couple of times, when drops those fists. Doing just that is a foolproof way to defeat him faster.

The problem is not how or when to strike, though. Most of the difficulties arise from Old Iron King’s attacks or to be more precise, your ability to dodge and roll away from them. If you wish to prevail, you’ll have to roll. A lot. With vigor. To the point that he’ll be 'hating'.

Okay, more in detail about those dodges. The Fire Breath attack that the Old Iron King uses is the one you should look out for the most. It’s either a single-path or a sweep-type of an attack. It eats health like popcorns, so avoid it at all costs. Most of the time though, he’ll fire breathe you from (his) left to right. That is because you’ll spend most of your time on his right. You’ll be doing that, because the little area that you’ll be fighting him has a hole, that you might fall into. It’s located on the bottom, a little to the left of the center point of the area. Be careful of falling into that pit and be even more careful with your positioning. Old Iron King can push you into it. You’ll die. You don’t want that.

Whenever the Old Iron King uses his Fire Breath attack, you should consider reaching the edge of the platform you’re fighting the Old Iron King(closest to him). He won’t be able to reach with it, and you’ll have some room to roll back.

As mentioned before, the Old Iron King will use his fists to attack you. The challenge from those attacks arises when you notice that it is hard to predict where he’ll be dropping them or from what side he’ll be using them. It’s not impossible but it requires some skill to avoid them. Just stand your ground, leave yourself some room and stamina and dodge them. When his arms are resting on the platform, just jump right into the heat and strike him a couple of times. If you get unlucky or slip up, and you get by his smash, expect a knock-back But that’s not the worst. When you’re down, the Old Iron King will see this as opportunity to deliver some more smashes down on you. After getting up, try to avoid him, ignoring the opportunities to strike him back. Use the windows of opportunity to heal up.

The Old Iron King also uses a Flame Thrower attack from his left hand. When he starts shooting at your direction, try to roll away to his left side. You’ll have chance to deliver at least one blow, while he’s still in the process of shooting in the position, you previously were standing.

During some of the pauses, or “hand rests”, you might want to heal up. If you were somehow damaged by his attacks, don’t get cocky. With every hit-point you lose, you increase the chance of dying just a little bit more.

Remember, all of his Fire attacks have some sort of pushback, so if you get touched by some of his flames, try to calculate your next moves quickly. And as mentioned before, there’s that pit. It might get you the least when you expect. Avoid it.

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