2020's Best Platforms for PC Gamers

Despite the advancement of mobile as a gaming platform and the release of big-name next-gen consoles, the humble PC remains a universally popular way to play games across the globe. And in true 21st-century style, it’s now easier than ever before to access a massive variety of PC games thanks to digital platforms.  

Compared to content streaming services like Hulu and Netflix – despite pre-dating TV streaming platforms by quite a few years – game streaming platforms are an affordable way to play hundreds of games without needing to update your gaming rig or have masses of storage space.  

As the marketplace becomes more crowded, we’ve curated a list of the best PC game platforms currently available. Let's take a look.  

Google Stadia – for Future-Forward Gamers 

Cloud Gaming is the latest future-forward trend to hit the gaming world, with Google’s flagship Stadia service ranking as the best of the bunch. While not all of its impressive features have been fully integrated just yet, this 4k streaming service is aiming to replace the traditional games console by being available on the PC, smartphone, tablet, and TV (via Chromecast Ultra) combined.  

The current list of available games may be quite modest, coming in at around 120 in total, but it's expanding all the time and big-name titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Baldur’s Gate III aren’t too far away. As of now, you’ll find diverse games like Elder Scrolls Online, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, NBA 2K21, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Wolfenstein: Young Blood. Stadia Pro members can also claim multiple titles for free, with the likes of PUBG, Hitman 2, and Everspace up for grabs in December 2020.  

GOG - For Retro Gamers 

While no longer exclusively focused on retro gaming, Good Old Games is the platform for all gamers with a fondness for the industry’s past. Originally launched as a storefront for DRM-free retro games, you know, the ones that were impossible to buy let alone run on your PC, the platform has since expanded to include a huge selection of indie games.  

GOG knows a thing or two about game curation, so don’t expect the latest Ubisoft or EA games to be available in the store. There are, however, a handful of recent blockbuster titles available like Witcher 3, as well as modern classics like Fallout 3, Dragon Age Origins, etc. The presence of so many Witcher titles should also tip you off that this is the platform for CD Projekt enthusiasts. In fact, you’ll find the whole catalog here, since CD Projekt now own the GOG platform.  

PokerStars Casino – For iGamers  

Established in 2015, the operator behind this iGaming platform is the world leader in online real-money gaming, owning top brands, and running global professional tournaments. As one of the world’s most popular iGaming platforms, the PokerStars casino features an award-winning platform with a wide range of casino games, available on PC and mobile.

This digital casino actually includes one of the largest selection of real-money games available, with around 600 slots including Age of Gods, Starburst, and Bonanza, 131 different jackpot games (like the infamous Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah), as well as 46 different table games and 25 live casino games. 

Itch.io - For Indie Gamers 

While GOG’s selection of indie games is nice, it’s not a patch on Itch.io. This is the digital game streaming equivalent to an Olde Curiosity Shop and is 100% committed to independent developers and titles where you can find some cool PC games. The indie titles that have now become bestsellers more than likely once started out here, so you might just stumble upon the next big thing in the gaming world.  

What’s particularly nice about Itch is that many of the tens of thousands of games filling up the library began as ideas in the numerous game jams organized by Itch. As an indie gamer you’ll be skilled at weeding out the duds from the gems, so using this service feels like you’re on the frontlines of game discovery. By using the platform you’ll also be supporting the developers themselves; games may start out free to play, to begin with, but there’s the opportunity to donate and provide feedback to creators. 

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