5 Reasons to Play Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online takes the world and lore of the Elder Scrolls franchise and transforms it into an MMORPG. It makes sense; take one of the most fleshed-out and extensive fantasy universes in gaming and put it online. The Elder Scrolls franchise was once a solo affair, letting players explore a slew of fantasy worlds as a lone adventurer with an epic destiny. The Elder Scrolls Online takes that concept and amps it up, spreading your adventure across a massive landscape full of variety and danger. For fans of past Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim and Oblivion, jumping into The Elder Scrolls Online might be a bit odd. However, the game is well worth the learning curve, as it's utterly packed to the brim with content. Whether you're a fan of quests, taking on dungeons with friends, or simply scavenging resources and crafting in the marketplace, The Elder Scrolls Online has it all. The game has come a long way since it released in 2014, and if you haven't jumped in yet, there's no better time! In case you need any more convincing, here are five reasons you should be playing The Elder Scrolls Online!


1. It Brings the Magic of Your Favorite Elder Scrolls Game Into a New Light


The Elder Scrolls Online doesn't just adapt the most popular regions and characters for use; instead, it plays a lot like a journey through The Elder Scrolls history. For the first time in the franchise, players can now journey to regions that they've only read about. The original map (not including DLC content) is absolutely huge, and offers a great variety in landscape, locations, and characters. You'll run into some of your favorite characters from past games like Skyrim, go head-to-head with bosses of legend, and generally explore every nook and cranny of this huge realization of the Elder Scrolls universe.


2. There are Endless Quests to Embark On


Since The Elder Scrolls Online is such a vast game, you might assume that quests would be limited. But like other MMO titans (World of Warcraft and the like), The Elder Scrolls Online offers a seemingly endless line of quests to take on. When you first start the game, you'll have to choose between one of three starting locations. Although the main quest stays the same regardless of your choice, additional quests are completely different. There are dozens of regions to explore, each one packed with multiple quest lines tied into specific locations and areas. Either alone or with a group of friends, you'll solve ancient puzzles, explore dank and dangerous caves, and even take on huge bosses.


3. Once You've Reached Max Level, You Can Keep Going


One of my biggest pet peeves in any MMORPG is the level cap. Like any other MMO, you'll start at level 1, the lowest and weakest spot on the ladder. As you complete missions and defeat enemies, you'll gain experience to strengthen your character. Unlike other MMOs, The Elder Scrolls Online doesn't stop its progression once you've hit max level. Instead, it offers a smart prestige system. If you so choose, you can reset your level to the lowest spot again, but with the added bonus of a brand new skill tree. In fact, reaching max level in The Elder Scrolls Online feels like a fresh start without the nerf, allowing you to continue to grow in power.


4. There Are Raids, Dungeons, and World Bosses Galore


If you're the kind of MMO players who prefers to join forces with a guild, or engage in multiple player adventures, The Elder Scrolls Online has a huge amount of content. Besides the numerous quests and location delves you'll complete in your adventure, there are a number of intimidating dungeons and raids that require additional help. You won't be able to take on these events solo without suffering serious damage. Like the gigantic world bosses you encounter while exploring, dungeons and raids require immense cooperation between multiple players. It's great fun to join a guild and go on raids together, and it's equally enjoyable to take down a tough world boss with a group of random players. The Elder Scrolls Online contains plenty of solo adventuring goodness, but it definitely doesn't skimp on more complex and challenging content.


5. There's a Robust Marketplace to Sell and Trade Your Goods


After hours and hours of looting slain foes and opening treasure chests, you'll probably have amassed a surprising amount of loot. The Elder Scrolls Online encourages you to use that gear in various ways, such as crafting, woodworking, metalwork, and more. For those players who find pleasure in the hustle you can trade your stuff at any in-game items marketplace. There are so many rare items to uncover in The Elder Scrolls Online, and there are plenty of players who probably want them more than you. If you're looking to make a quick buck (virtual or otherwise), putting your best gear and loot on sale is a fine way to do it. Whether you're trading your stuff with other players or trying to purchase in-game items yourself, The Elder Scrolls Online is a great game for item trading.


The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the strongest MMOs on the market, and shows no sign of slowing down. In June of 2019, the long awaited expansion Elsweyr will launch. This huge expansion will have loads of new quests, items, bosses, and dungeons to see. So whether you're a quest-lover, a raid fiend, or simply want to sell and trade in the hottest new gear, The Elder Scrolls Online is a perfect place to play. There's plenty of time to catch up before Elsweyr launches, so be sure to get in before everyone else!

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