Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, and the Wild West: Why Are These Periods Ripe for Gaming Material?

History has always intrigued the imagination. What did the Greek city-state look like, or did gladiators fight in the Roman Colosseum? Did you know Egyptian civilization lasted almost 3000 years, and Kleopatra actually lived closer to our age than to the builders of the giant pyramids of Giza?

Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, and a romanticised vision of the Wild West are described in literature and movies. The gaming industry is also one of the sectors involved in using these periods of history to create a perfect setting for games.

iGaming thrives with Ancient mythology

Users can visit online casinos to find the most extensive collection of games related to Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, or the Wild West. There are a dozen of different games, mostly among hundreds of slot games. For example, you can play Book of Dead slots and explore Ancient Egypt ruins. Greek gods and outlaws of the Wild West are among other top themes in the iGaming industry.

These periods are significant for gaming material because the historical and mythological stories are interesting. Players are familiar with the protagonists and the main stories described in games with those themes. Another great reason is Wild West and Ancient World aesthetics. Captivating outlaw towns in 19th century America or incredible temples and palaces of Ancient Egypt are the perfect setting for eye-catching games.

Mainstream gaming

There is no shortage of mainstream game titles, with numerous AAA products relying on Ancient Egypt, Rome, and the Wild West. The most prolific game with a story set in Egypt is Assassin's Creed Origins. You can travel with your character through vast areas of Egypt, including towns, palaces, pyramids, and temples. The game has authentic clothes, weapons, and armour from the era. Another AC game, Odyssey, is set in Ancient Greece. Again, you can sail between Greek polis and explore the area, temples, and landscape. And then there’s also Rise: Son of Rome, which is a popular action game where you play as a Roman legionnaire fighting barbaric tribes from the capital.

Strategy games also took advantage of the Ancient Period. Games like Total War Rome and Total War Troy let you lead troops of the era into combat. Real-time strategies have authentic units, weapons, and army manoeuvres. You can fight in land and marine battles and wisely use your units.

There are some older gems like Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome, Praetorians, or Imperator: Rome.

Wild West

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the most impressive Wild West game. Finally, an open-world game is enormous. You have incredible freedom to explore the vastness of Wild West America, become a cowboy, and live in an authentic world.

Another game is Call of Juárez: Gunslinger, which is a fun shooter with some twists on the genre if you like classic FPS games. On the other hand, if you like tactical games, Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive will give you hours of gameplay and the tense tactical nightmare that requires incredible patience.

These are only some examples of how the industry uses Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, and the Wild West period and turns them into exceptional games in all sectors and genres – in reality there are many more.

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