Is it true that we could see a canceled Lamborghini videogame soon?

Which could Lamborghini be?

The developers planned that Lamborghini was supposed to be an arcade racing game, made in three-dimensional graphics. The player was given a choice of Lamborghini cars with different technical characteristics and ring tracks based on real world cities. As we have already known, it didn’t happen in the digital world but you still can have an opportunity to experience driving a Lamborghini in real life by rent Lamborghini in Dubai. Such renting services are the greatest way to experience wonderful emotions of speed and lux and make your driving journey very comfortable. Moreover, rental services offer the most affordable price for hiting a dream car.

As planned in the game, the player could choose from several modes and three difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard. In the Arcade mode, the player independently could choose the type of competition (for example, a standard race or a competition for a time), a car, a track and participation in competitions. Choosing the "Championship" mode involved the passage of a competition, for the victory the player could get money that could be spent on buying new cars. In the "Test Drive" mode, you would have the opportunity to test cars without racing. The multiplayer mode was supposed to support up to four players and was implemented using split-screen technology, and the Xbox version was also supposed to have online multiplayer, implemented using the Xbox Live service. In addition, players were given the opportunity to view and save to the memory card of the consoles a replay of each race

Game development

The Lamborghini video game was announced on May 24, 2002 at E3 2002 exhibition. Several screenshots of the project were shown there. The game was developed for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox consoles. Majesco was supposed to be the publisher of the project. The team entered into a licensing agreement with the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Lamborghini and planned to include 23 of the company's cars in their game, including the latest model at the time, the Murciélago. Despite the project was done in an arcade style, a lot of attention was paid to the physical model of the cars, as well as each of the ten tracks, which are based on real world cities such as Rome and many others, with the tracks differing in time of day and weather conditions.

Cancellation of the game

The release of Lamborghini was planned in the spring of 2003, but on January 15, 2003 it turned out that the Rage Software studio ceased to exist and sold its intellectual property to other companies. As a result, the game was never released. However, despite the failure of the project, in March 2003, a demo version of the Lamborghini for Xbox was released in the British and German editions of the Official Xbox Magazine in March 2003. After the dissolution of Rage Software, half of its employees founded the Juice Games studio, which subsequently developed the Juiced racing arcade series, which uses some of the Lamborghini developments.

Unfortunately we will never see the Lamborghini 2003 original videogame, but it is the reason to enjoy the real driving moments more!

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