Two of the Best Open World Action Games you’ll want to Play

These games' tales, side missions, opponents and allies, romance and adversaries, and screenshot-worthy images are all ready to completely immerse you in their worlds. They're going to take you into a world where you'll want to learn everything within the game due to the advancement of the game story and the characters within the game. 

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Red Dead Redemption 2 - During your time in this game, you'll take on the role of Arthur Morgan, a wanted bandit and member of the Van der Linde gang, which is commanded by the notorious Dutch. Hope is an instinctual emotion that will carry you through this melancholic love letter to the Old West, despite the fact that the gang's destiny has already been determined. However, it is Rockstar's enormously rich open world that distinguishes Red Dead Redemption 2 from its predecessors.

The varied scenery ranges from icy lakes and snowy mountain borders to arid plains and murky swamp waters, among other features. Depending on how well you've behaved in the past, NPCs will respond positively to your character's honour bar and negatively to your presence in town. If a bounty has been placed on your head, you'll need to visit your local post office to pay it off before you may travel freely across 'wanted' area without risking being apprehended by bounty hunters.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Despite the fact that its world is divided into a number of tiny open-world zones, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt infuses each one with enough depth and personality to seem like a single unified realm. This game did extremely well, and it is that popular that there is an official Witcher TV show that is being showcased on Netflix. The environment created by CD Projekt Red is both authentic and magical at the same time, whether you're pursuing monsters over the battle-scarred plains of Velen, exploring the cobblestone alleyways of Novigrad, or skulking through old forests. Your exploring of these untamed lands will be continually rewarded with fresh missions, people, monsters, and encounters as you go through them.

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