Dark Souls II - How to Beat Belfry Gargoyles

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If you’re not careful enough, you’ll get steamrolled AND annoyed at the same time by the Belfry Gargoyles.

Upon entering the area you’ll be greeted by two Belfry Gargoyles. Overall number of Gargoyles varies, but most of them you’ll have to defeat five of them. By doing more damage to them, you’ll fighting the larger number of them too. The largest amount you can fight in battle is three. Though, that’s a balance thing, not a stylistic choice. If that even matters.

Now to the individual attacks.

A single Belfry Gargoyle has varied attacks. It uses its weapon to attack you in different ways. It stabs, slashes, swings and smashes with what it's got, so thread carefully. The range of them is relatively low, so rolling away from them shouldn’t be a problem. In this fight, it’s a matter of reflexes not the required “safe” distance.

Belfry Gargoyle also uses a Fire Breath attack. It may hit you from the ground or from the air.

Even though the attacks that the Belfry Gargoyles use are scary and dangerous, they’re not immune to your rolls. Like with Ruin Sentinel bosses, you just have to keep these things in front of you. The fighting area is large enough for you to successfully navigate around them. Having a shield helps too. Whenever one of the Gargoyles lunges at you, lift your shield up (or if you don’t have one, roll away from its attack). They’ll freeze for a couple of seconds. That’s when you strike. If you see that the other Gargoyles are further from the one that just failed to successfully deliver a hit, get in there and hit it a couple of times.

The safest and quickest way to eliminate them is one by one. Focusing on a few of them might slow down the process of eliminating them, making the fight that much harder. One portion of health bar for one Gargoyle. The fewer Gargoyles you have to focus, the better the fight will be.

If you get ganged up by the group of these monsters, just roll back as fast as you can. Combination of different attacks from three Belfry Gargoyles might be just enough for you to die.

The Belfry Gargoyles are weak to Magic and Lightning attacks. A weapon upgraded with correct element might just be the edge that you need. Miracles and Sorceries might help you even more. Just be careful when you target the Gargoyles. Besides the danger that the number of them can bestow up you, they’re also relatively fast.

In situation like this, a combination of light armor and heavy weapon might work the best.

Having the opportunity to roll away from the attack, and punish for the Gargoyle’s mistake with something heavy, works. When you apply your mobility with a little bit of risk, you get the result that you need in order to eliminate the Belfry Gargoyle boss.

Concentrating on one Gargoyle works the best, but if the situation doesn’t allow for a focussed attack, don’t be afraid to hit another Belfry Gargoyle, or even a couple of them. They all share one health bar. If pressed, you can always use a weapon that covers a larger area. Hitting multiple bosses works too, but naturally, it is a higher risk.

It may take you a few tries to beat them. Analyzing the moveset of the Belfry Gargoyle doesn't require that much skill, the difficulty of this fight comes in the sheer number of the Gargoyles you have defeat at once. Keep your distance, watch the enemy(ies) and stay levelheaded. It may appear that it is almost impossible to beat them, but it’s not. Killing one by one is by far the most popular strategy and that’s for a reason.

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