Dark Souls II - How to beat Throne Watcher and Throne Defender bosses

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Throne Watcher and Throne Defender. Those are not that easy to defeat. One is agile warrior who jump around you(Throne Watcher) and another is a massive defender with ability to both, withstand your blows and crush with his(Throne Defender). Throne Defender is harder, so focusing on the weaker one (Throne Watcher) first will allow you to put your and NPC’s attention right where it has to be - removing the obstacle that is the massive health of the Throne Defender.

This guide is aimed at those, who had difficulty beating them solo. So keep in mind that this guide is based on the help of an NPC summon - Benhart of Juno.

Before you enter the fog, to the left of you’ll see Behanrt’s summon sign. Summon him. This will ensure you, that you won’t get double steamrolled and that someone is able to attack one of them, while you can focus on another. Benahrt is a powerhouse, so using him will most ensure you with a win.

First things first, the environment. The area is large, providing you with room to maneuver, but know that it’s surrounded by pits. If you fall into one, you’ll have to restart and do the battle again all over again. Avoid those and try to stay in the lower center portion of the area.

One of the defining features of this duo is that one can revive the other. If Defender is down, while Watcher is still alive, in an about 20 seconds she’ll revive him and vice versa. The quickest and most effective strategy to use, is to get both of them at the same health level, and when one is down, concentrate and eliminate the other as fast as you can.

The attacks of these monstrosities are not that hard to avoid. Both of them use a sword and a shield, and most of the attacks consist of a stab/bash type of blows.

What you need to watch out for is self-buffs, that these bosses do. Upon reaching 50% of health, Throne Watcher and Throne Defender will buff their weapons with Lightning and Magic buffs. Be extra careful when they begin their attacks. Both of them use combos of two-three hits, so always think ahead and be prepared to roll to the right direction one extra time.

The strength and the difficulty of this battle comes with the fact that there are two of them. Eliminate one, and you’ll be defeating and punishing the other without that much of a difficulty.

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