Dark Souls II - How to beat the Old Dragonslayer Boss

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Speed is an advantage. With that adage in mind, here are some tips about beating Old Dragonslayer in Dark Souls II.

Though this armored dragon slayer is massive in size and dangerous, regarding the amount of damage that he deals, this vigorous beast of a warrior has one downside - he’s speed.

By using your speed to your advantage, you can easily outmaneuver the Old Dragonslayer.

Old Dragonslayer is melee based character, so all you must do is, avoid his weapon and his strikes. Though he has a ranged attack, but later about that.

He has one AoE attack; whenever he lifts his weapon up, be prepared and jump back.

The essential things to know about him are:

  • Hard hitting;
  • Slow

By using the simple tactic of hit and run, you will defeat the Old Dragonslayer boss without any hiccups.

After using up his melee attacks, go back to his side or back - that’s where he is the most vulnerable after the attacks or combos. Strike him about two or three times. Though, to be safe, just hit him twice. Rinse and repeat.

Be careful about staying too far from him. Leaving bigger gap between yourself and The Old Dragonslayer boss, you’ll give him the opportunity to shoot you down with Dark Burst ranged attack. It’s slightly homing, so be careful.

Another tip: use shield. By using even a small buckler, you’ll avoid or at least reduce the damage that the Old Dragonslayer might deliver to you.

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