Dark Souls 2 - How to Beat The Last Giant

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The Last Giant is the first boss you encounter on your travels. Strong and massive in size, The Last Giant might prove to be a challenge for new players. Here are some tips about beating The Last Giant. The area in which you fight The Last Giant is not as big in scale as boss himself. Small room and surprisingly fast The Last Giant will keep you alert in this cat and mouse boss fight. The biggest gripe about this fight is The Last Giant's reach – it will use its massive legs to stomp you and its massive arms to sweep you off your feet. In a more literal sense though – the fight itself is nothing to fall in love with. What you want to do in order to defeat The Last Giant is carefully time your steps and wait for his attacks to end, stand behind him and following its steps and stomps, strike the desired leg, as both of them are targetable. When The Last Giant Reaches half of its remaining Hit Points, it will remove its arm and will use it as club, further increasing his swipe and reach attack severity. Correct timing and avoidance of The Last Giants attacks will make this for an easy boss fight.

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