The Escapists - Prison 4: Jungle Compound Walkthrough

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Necessary items for this method of escape:

putty = talcum powder + toothpaste

Melted plastic = lighter + plastic spoon/knife/fork

Red key mold = red key + putty

Red key copy = red key mold + melted plastic

Signed ID papers = unsigned id papers + ink + feather


This prison can be really difficult to escape from if you do not have an idea what to do. Buckle up(and pump your character’s strength) for this one as you will have to fight quite some in this method of escape.

Getting ready for the escape

As usual start out by working your stats up and making all the items that you will need in this escape plan(listed above), except for the ID papers. Crafting a good weapon will be important in this escape. I would recommend knuckle duster as well as good defensive outfit, for example plated inmate outfit. This escape is kind of brutish, that is why you will need good stats, weapon and strong defensive outfit. Once you have got all these and all the items needed you are ready for the escape.

The escape

The start is quite simple - beat all the guards( does not sound simple but it is if you are ready). That will get prison into lockdown. Then you need to make a copy of the red key. Do not forget to put the key back into guards inventory once you have copied it. Take guard’s uniform too, you will need it. Once you got the key copy and guards uniform run north outside the prison and look for a small guard hut. In the hut there should be unasigned papers, combine them with ink and feather and you will get signed ID papers. While you are in the hut put on the guard uniform then travel south to the guard station outside the prison. Present signed ID papers when asked and the guard will open the gate. You can just walk out out thinking what kind of idiots are they. Congratulations, you have escaped from Jungle Compound!

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