The Escapists - prison 5: San Pancho Walkthrough

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Items necessary for this method of escape:

Tool handle = timber + file

Flimsy shovel = tool handle + metal plate + duct tape

Lightweight shovel = flimsy shovel + metal plate + duct tape

Sturdy shovel = lightweight shovel + metal plate + duct tape (more than one recommended)

Timber brace = timber + timber (at least 8)

Bed dummy = pillow + pillow + blanket

Flimsy pickaxe = tool handle + crowbar + duct tape

Lightweight pickaxe = flimsy pickaxe + crowbar + duct tape

Sturdy pickaxe = lightweight pickaxe + crowbar + duct tape (2 is recommended)


This prison is not really hard to escape, but do not get too excited about that. It takes very long time to escape as the way out is digging, digging a very long distance. In this prison it quite easy to grind out some achievements, so we will be doing just that, you don’t have to, but I would recommend completing them on this level.

Achievement: I Present to You

In this prison guards do not patrol common grounds that inmates share and hang out at, therefore you have more freedom in this prison than in others, which means you can raid other inmates’ cells freely, making achievement “I present to you” really easy to complete. To complete this achievement you need to give away 50 items to other inmates. Inmates love weapons, especially for free. You can often find comb or toothbrush in the cells, use them against the wall and you will make a comb shiv or toothbrush shiv. Making these and giving them away to anyone you see will get you achievement completed rather quickly.

Achievement: Favour Fave

To complete this achievement it requires to make 100 favors. Raiding inmates’ cells and beating them up is really easy in this prison as there almost no guards patrolling. Favors are cumulative across all the prisons, so you might complete it anyways until you finish the whole game, however this prison is perfect if you want to get it out of the way or if you have finished the game and still do not have this achievement completed. In addition for every favor you do you get some cash.

The escape

Ok, now that we are done with the achievements let’s get to the real thing - the escape. This will take a while, but is not a difficult to complete escape. Firstly, at night time head to your inventory box and pick up your cellmate’s box and place it aside, that is where we will dig. during day time just place your cellmate’s box on top of the hole you are digging. The guards that come in for cell tosses will never notice anything out of the ordinary, that makes it a perfect spot. Once you get underground, dig exactly 24 squares to the left. Be aware of the mines, if you touch a mine - it’s game over, you are dead. Once you have finished digging 24 squares to the left you will hit a stone wall. Then you need to listen carefully, turn your volume up if needed. Every few minutes guard truck patrols this area. When you hear it drive by start digging straight up. When you reach the surface cut through the stone wall using pickaxe. Congratulations, you have finally escaped from San Pancho!

Achievement: Punch Drunk

Now that you have made your escape you can reload your save and complete this achievement really quickly, as it is even easier to do when you have done all the preparation for the escape from this prison. Simply walk around and beat up inmates. Once you have picked up and won 50 fights the achievement is complete. This prison is the best for this achievement as guards just leave you alone.

Achievement: Digging it!

Completing this achievement is also recommended in this prison as in the next one you are not digging your way out. To complete this achievement you need to dig 50 tiles with a shovel. This can be a bit misleading as squares you dig underground does not count. Only the holes that you dig from the surface count. Just keep digging in your room during your free time(make sure guards are not around) until you use up all of your shovels, trowels or spoons then reload and start again until you have completed all 50.

Important: Nails are only available in this prison, so you should craft the Stinger Strip before you leave this level, so you do not have to come back later. You can craft it by combining nails + duct tape.

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