The Escapists - Prison 2: Stalag Flucht Walkthrough

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Necessary items for the escape:

Putty = talcum powder + toothpaste

Melted plastic = lighter + plastic spoon or knife

Red key mold = red Key + putty

Red key copy = red key mold + melted plastic

Flimsy cutters = 2 files + duct tape


Recommended but not neccessary items for the escape:

Lightweight cutter = flimsy cutters + file + duct tape

Sturdy cutters = lightweight cutters + file + duct tape


Every prison is slightly more difficult to escape from than the previous one. This is just the second prison so it’s not that difficult, but you will not be able to just beat your way out of it. It will require quite some preparation and planning skills to complete the escape.

For starters you want to boost your character stats at least above 80. For this escape getting 80 intellect is a must, as you will need to craft copies of guard keys. In this walkthrough we will get 2 more achievements before escaping from the prison.


Wet Bandit achievement

First step is to start flooding the toilets during your usual daily routines. You can do it by flushing up to 3 things from your inventory. I would recommend to use blankets and pillows for flushing as they are easy to get. If the toilets flood or not is quite random, however the more items you flush the higher chance it is that they do flood. To get the achievement you need to flush 50 items in different cells. It is rather easy as prison is big and all guards are scattered and rarely seen near other inmates cell, so sneaking and flushing a blanket or a pillow is not that difficult of a task. You can also complete this achievement rather easily in prison 5, so if you are bored of flushing stuff down the toilets, but still want this achievement later you can stop doing it before you flush 50 items and finish it once you are in prison 5 as this achievement is cumulative through all the prisons. Once you finish it you will get the Wet Bandit achievement.

Jobs Worth achievement

It is recommended to complete the Jobs Worth achievement in this prison as well as the later game will be much harder and game allows you to complete all 10 jobs in the first 2 prisons, so you do not have to worry about them later on. Start out with the gardening job where you will be tasked to rake up weeds and then you can to the other 4 jobs. The remaining 4 jobs are working in the library - delivering books to inmates, unloading the trucks, working in the wood shop - making chairs from lumber, and sewing clothes. After you meet quotas in these 4 jobs you will unlock the Jobs Worth achievement!

The escape

Now that you have unlocked those two achievements it is time for the escape itself. The most important item for this escape is the red key. Guard that is chosen to carry red key is chosen at random at the start of the game. You will have to find out which one it is and beat him.

It is important to note that you cannot keep this key as when the guard wakes up you will get sent into the solitary confinement if he does not have the key on him. To avoid this you have to make a copy of the key until the guard wakes up. After you knock out the guard steal his key, uniform and whatever else you want, then you have to make a copy of the key using crafting materials listed above. Once you have copied the key put the original one back into guard’s inventory. You don’t have to put anything else back just the key, it is all that guard will care about even if you walk around in his uniform(he might even compliment on how well dressed you are). Now that you have the key you will need a pair of cutters, recipe for cutters is in the list above. To escape regular cutters is enough, but for the achievement that requires to have crafted every item in the game you need to make 3 cutters.

Once you got all the needed items wait for lights out and then put guards uniform on using your red key head to the generator. Turn it off and hurry up directly south and then cut through the fence using cutters. You must run out before electricity is turned back on. Be sure not to waste your red key on going where it is not necessary as it has only 4 uses before it breaks, going through one wrong door costs two charges as you need to go back as well, therefore one wrong door unlock costs you half of the key charges.

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