The Escapists - Prison 3: Shankton State Pen Walkthrough

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Items necessary for this method of escape:

imber brace = timber + timber (make at least 4 of these)

Tool handle = timber + file

Flimsy shovel = tool handle + metal plate + duct tape

Lightweight shovel = flimsy shovel + metal plate + duct tape

Sturdy shovel = lightweight shovel + metal plate + duct tape

Poster = magazine + duct tape

Bed dummy = blanket + 2 pillows

Flimsy pickaxe = tool handle + crowbar + duct tape


Not necessary but recommended items:

Lightweight pickaxe = flimsy pickaxe + crowbar + duct tape

Sturdy pickaxe = lightweight pickaxe + crowbar + duct tape


In this prison we are going to use completely different method of escaping, we are going to tunnel our way out of it! As usual start the game by gaining stats(I would recommend to get all of them 80+). First items you should craft are pickaxe and poster.

Starting the escape

Once lights are out put your bed dummy into your bed(how to make a dummy is listed above) and hang some sheets on your cell bars to hide of what you are doing. Using the pickaxe that you have crafted make a hole in the wall, which leads to the guard hallway that is behind your room. The guards never go to that hallway, therefore this hallway is completely safe to leave all of your stuff on the ground. Everytime you go through the hole just hang the poster in where the hole is to cover it. So any time a guard walks by your cell they think you are asleep in your bed and that’s just a poster on your wall where the hole actually is(this is so Shawshank Redemption).

The digging part

Once you have put up a poster where the hole is you can start digging your way out. I would recommend to dig at night time and spending days to rest, restore your stamina and boosting your stats. First hole should be all the way to the right to the hallway behind your cell. The sturdy pickaxe works best for digging, but it is possible to use plastic spoons if you do not have a pickaxe.

Once you are underground start digging to the right, you will need at least 12 spaces. When you hit a stone you have to go around it. Stones are in different spots every time, so there is no planning which way to dig exactly. Every 3 spaces you dig, you have to place a timber brace in order to prevent tunnel from collapsing. After digging a single square a pile of dirt will appear in your inventory, you can just flush them out in the toilet. If it happens that you have weakened the ground above you before you have dug 12 spaces, you can place dirt to fill the hole in order to hide from guards that might notice you from above otherwise. When you have dug out 12 spaces to the right, go through it to the surface and you will be outside of the prison. Congratulations, you have escaped from the Shankton State Sen!

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