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Finding the best fishing spots in Stardew Valley has many benefits. Casting a rod into a good fishing spot in the game will grant you good quality fish that you can catch there (usually gold quality), fishing in these spots also has a benefit of increased bite rate, so you will have a higher chance to catch better quality fish faster.

However, finding the right fishing spots is not everything. There are several Stardew Valley fishing tips that can help you to achieve the best results and catch some high quality fish.

  1. You must know that with your fishing level increases the distance of your rod casting. The higher the level the further you can cast a rod. This will provide you with some better quality fish.
  2. Dark areas in rivers, lakes and the ocean mean deeper waters. These dark areas have a better chance of a quality fish bite.
  3. Use fishing tackle. It increases the chance to increase the bite rate also using a fishing tackle makes a bit easier to actually catch a fish, this especially goes for fish that are hard to catch.
  4. Use bait to attract fish and increase bite rate so you don’t spend hours (I mean in-game hours) waiting for a hit.
  5. Using better quality fishing rod will allow you to catch better quality fish. As soon as your finances allow it, you want to go for iridium fishing rod, which is the best one in the game.
  6. Dishes can improve your fishing! Dish ‘o the Sea can give you an improvement of your fishing abilities, for a limited time though. So make sure to cook the dish and only eat it when you are near the water to achieve the best results. Trout Soup that you can buy at Willy’s can provide you with +1 fishing skills.
  7. There is actually a way to guide your fishing line when casting a rod. Use your W, A, S, D buttons to cast into locations that are otherwise hard to reach.
  8. Have you noticed that some bubbly water spaces sometimes appear? Well that is where you should cast your line every time you see such a space. Fish bite rate in these bubble areas is significantly higher and it keeps so until the bubbles disappear from the water surface.

Now that you know a few tips to make you the best fishermen in town, you have to know which fishing locations will give you the best results. There are quite a few great fishing spots in Stardew Valley, you will find them listed here.

First of all, those that are close to the mountains.

  • You know where Robin, the carpenter lives? Well go straight east from her house, you will find a small fence. Stand next to it and cast into the water. 

  • Another great fishing location is not far from the previous one. It’s one of the islands in the mountain lake. The last one that is connected by those little bridges. You have to stand on the southern end of it and cast the rod towards the log in the water.

There is one great fishing location in town.

  • Do you know where Kent and his family live? Well go down to the river from their house and at the edge of the screen there is a bush. You have to stand right next to it and cast into the deep waters.

Some other great spots are in the beach.

  • To find one of them you will have to cast towards that huge rock sticking out of the ocean. There are some good quality fish waiting to be caught.

  • Do you know that place where the beach is crossed by the river? Go to the corner of that river bank on either side. Now guide your fishing line to the right into deep waters. This will give you some prime quality fish.

  • Once you have repaired the bridge (for 300 pieces of wood) that leads to another part of the beach, you can go the that bridge there and cast around it anywhere you like. Doing this will grant you good quality fish all the time.

There are some great fishing spots in the forest area of the map.

  • One of the prime fishing locations are close to Leah’s cottage. Go there and then a bit down to the left, cast towards the deep waters. 

  • There is a small island on the south-west part of the map, it’s all connected with those small wooden bridges. Cast the rod up north towards the deep dark water. 

These are the prime Stardew Valley fishing locations that will not fail to provide you with some gold quality fish. Going to the best fishing spots can save you time and trouble while trying to catch specific fish or trying to earn money, because the bite rates and quality of the fish that you will catch there is so much greater than anywhere else. Go and try out the best Stardew Valley fishing spots yourself!

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