Stardew Valley: What to do in winter?

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Stardew Valley is full of action and farming work. However, when winter comes everything goes quiet and calm. Farming in winter is not quite possible. That is, unless you have some wild winter seeds that can grow into something despite the snow and cold or if you have already restored the greenhouse, which is unlikely when you are in an early game stage.

Winter is a great time to catch up with all the small things and duties that you have been neglecting during all other seasons because of the farm work. Sowing, harvesting and watering your crops is a really time consuming job, which not only leaves you with just a few hours of free time but also with almost zero energy (this will not be the case as you advance through the game, but at the beginning it really feels like there is not much you can do after harvesting 9 potatoes).

There are many things that you can do in winter and there is no right answer. Your choice may depend on your general plan: are you going to concentrate on farming? Or maybe building? Or maybe raising animals? There are many ways you can develop the game. Choose the best one for you, and relax, it’s stardew valley, there is no wrong answer that couldn't be corrected later.

So the question stands tall, what can you do when winter comes in Stardew Valley?

  1. Go mining
  2. Hunt the achievements
  3. Upgrade your tools
  4. Upgrade your house
  5. Get some materials like wood, stone, coal, prepare copper bars etc.
  6. Go fishing
  7. Go make friends with people - pay them visits, talk to them, bring their favorite gifts
  8. Get some animals and become a rancher. Animals will keep you busy during the winter. There is no days-off when you have some animals
  9. Get your farm to look cool! Improve your farm. Decorate your house, get some furniture, decorate the outside, craft some paths and fences, put them all in place and prepare to do some profitable farming in spring.
  10. Prepare for the farming season! Prepare fertilizers, sprinklers and plan the space to grow Spring crops.

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