How to make friends in Stardew Valley?

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Making friends in Stardew Valley is beneficial. Once you befriend people they will send you their favorite recipes, or even already made dishes, or any other good stuff that they have to you every now and then. But what is more amazing is that as you become better friends with someone in Stardew Valley you get to know them better. They slowly tell their own story to you, or you happen to uncover some interesting details about their life in Stardew Valley.

Best way to make friends in Stardew Valley is to give people gifts. Especially the gifts that they love. And of course avoid giving them something that they dislike or even hate. Each character has their own likes and dislikes. Dislikes or hated things will lose you friendship points while things that NPCs like or love will earn some friendship points.

You will get extra points for giving the gifts that the characters love on their birthday. So don’t forget to check the calendar and visit birthday-people on their special day with a gift.

Your friendship with Stardew Valley town’s people and villagers grows as you talk to them as well. Go to each character, talk to them, make sure all dialogue options are resolved before moving to another character - this is also a great way to make friends without even having to give any gifts. However it will take longer to make friends this way.

There are several achievements associated with befriending people in Stardew Valley.

  • A New Friend - reach a 5-heart friendship with someone
  • Best Friends - reach a 10-heart friendship with someone
  • Cliques - reach a 5-heart friendship with 4 people
  • Networking - reach a 5-heart friendship with 10 people
  • Popular - reach 5-heart friendship with 20 people
  • The Beloved Farmer - reach 10-heart friendship with 8 people

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