Stardew Valley House Upgrades

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As you move into Stardew Valley to change your life, you are presented with a shabby little house you are now supposed to call home. While many may say that it is really nice to live in a small house (and convenient as well - your bed is close to the door which is very useful if you tend to return home at late hours, just in time to sleep), you will probably want to start living large since all your things and acquired statues and other odd things will simply not fit in one small room, let alone your spouse or kids if you decide to have some.

How do you upgrade your house in Stardew Valley?

Well of course you will have to ask Robin to help you with the task. Surely, she is not going to do it for free, and besides paying the price for her hard work (of hammering a spot in your wall for a day or two), you will also have to provide her with the materials needed for your farmhouse upgrade. You can find Robin at her home behind the shop counter most of the day time hours. However she will not be there on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and if Community Centre has been restored she will leave her shop early on Mondays. You will have to go to Robin when she’s working in order to get you house upgrade.

1st House Upgrade

Your first farmhouse upgrade will cost you 10 000 g and require 450 of wood pieces. This upgrade adds a kitchen and a bedroom. The house now looks significantly larger. Now that you have a kitchen you can cook meals using all the recipes you’ve acquired. The kitchen goes with the fridge which is kind of a same thing as any chest but the contents of the fridge can be used while cooking, you don’t have to put them into your inventory. The first house upgrade will add a double bed and you can now marry someone if you so please. This house upgrade is required for the Moving Up achievement.

2nd House Upgrade

Second house upgrade will cost you 50 000 g and require 150 pieces of hardwood. This farmhouse upgrade adds two new rooms to your house and allows you to have children since you now have a special room for kids with two beds and a crib. This house upgrade is required for the Living Large achievement.

3rd House Upgrade

There is one more way you can upgrade your house in Stardew Valley. The last house upgrade will add a cellar under your home and allow you to become a true wine and cheese master by having a place to age these products. Feeling fancy yet? This upgrade costs 100 000 g.

Your house also upgrades automatically once you are married by adding a small room for your spouse. This room will be a reflection to what you wife or husband likes, meaning there are several different ways this room can turn out to look like.

Do not forget you can decorate you house with various options of flooring, wallpapers and any type of furniture you’d like to have.

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