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If you found yourself lost and dazed in the world of Terraria worry not, because we’re here to help you out and free you of your struggles. Every new player encounters dangers and confusions in this world so our duty is to inform the players on how and with what efforts to stay alive and prosper in Terraria.

Firstly, Terraria is an action/adventure/RPG/survival game, but in order to feel the action, go on adventures and feel the RPG elements, you need to survive. It is key in the whole exploration process. Before you go dive right in to the adventures, familiarize yourself with the controls, which button does what, you mustn’t need to learn everything, but at least the basics should be nailed as you might need to react quick later on.

We have written a beginner, starter guide, so check it out for even more knowledge, but for this article, we’ll focus solely on survival and how to do it. The first challenge is your first night, when stronger creatures come out: skeletons, zombies and etc. The same as in the starter’s guide, gather wood and build a shelter ASAP. It puts you at ease during night time, don’t over-do it, just fill the background and make it have some space. After successfully building a house, move to the caverns and dig down to mine. Mining is important because you need to gather materials which are required for items. Better materials mean better items and if your items are better and stronger, you can defeat stronger enemies and stay alive. Mine carefully and go for rarer minerals by utilizing the mining techniques described in our mining guide. Remember, the deeper you are, the more dangerous environment surrounds you. Ores and materials gathered shouldn’t be stored, they should be smelted and crafted instantaneously.

The last thing to know is combat. While gathering, exploring and quest doing are important, combat takes the place as probably the most important skill and thing to do in order to stay alive. You won’t begin with great items, but go exploring and mining and within a few moments your character is going to be equipped with the most powerful weapons and armor. Combat isn’t hard, quite the opposite, it’s rather easy to understand. LMB is to attack and just spam it to attack. A crit hit can be done which does 2x damage, but there’s only a small chance for that. Dodging and avoiding is another thing to master as the health in the beginning is kind of small and you will take large damage. Dodge by using nature and go through caves to avoid, make the enemies chase you and then disappear in to a cave and do these steps over and over to annoy your enemies. Remember, chaotic jumping isn’t the answer as most enemies can and will hit you in the air.

A quick sidenote, there are potions, buffs and other ways to improve your fighting and exploring. Don’t forget about them and remember, there’s no shame or harm in dying, you just lose a few things, but you keep your armor and most vital things so don’t be afraid to explore and find everything for yourselves.

Hope this helps, keep up the good work and see you soon!

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