How to make a chest in terraria

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Ahhh…. A treasure chest. The mystery that lies within has lured many adventurers in to quests for glory and riches. Many of them died and many didn’t come back, but the thrill of opening one has always been in the human DNA. In terraria it’s no different. Chests are used for storing items. Some chests can be crafted, others can’t. The package and items inside already existing chests is completely random and doesn’t depend on anyone already in the game. It never changes, not even after entering hardmode. How to craft a chest in Terraria? Well, let’s familiarize you with some of the craftable chests which all can be sold for 1 silver coin, except the Dynasty Chest which goes for 5 silvers and Honey chest, which costs 60 Coppers.

The basic chest requires 8 pieces of wood and 2 iron or lead bars to make. It looks generic and does the job well, but isn’t exciting. The Dynasty Chest looks better and is a lot more unique – 8 Dynasty Wood and 2 Iron or Lead Bars. The Final chest we recommend making is the meteorite chest. Wow, does it look out of this world, 8 meteorite bricks and 2 Iron or Lead bars. All of the mentioned ones can be done at a workbench.

Non-craftable chests require certain keys and certain conditions to be fulfilled, but since we’re talking about chest crafting, we can say that we mentioned pretty much everything you need to know. Check out other chest recipes online and make the chests that you like. Just don’t forget that the Dynasty one goes for the most cash…

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