How to make torches in terraria

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With 16 different torches available to make a player unavoidably gets the question: which one to choose? And which is better? To put it frankly, there aren’t any major differences in their function other than their color. There are a few differences though that are worth noting. A torch is an item which is the lightbulb, the flashlight and your main source of clear vision in most parts of the game. The best thing is that they don’t consume fuel or oil and light up forever. You can find them (regular, standard torches) in pots or chests or you can buy them from a Merchant for 50 Coppers. But there is the best way, to craft them. What kinds you can craft?

  • Standard torch: 1 gel, 1 wood and you get three torches.
  • White torch: 1 pink gel, 1 piece of wood and you get three white torches. They are the brightest in the game.
  • Ichor Torch: 33 standard torches, 1 ichor and you get 33 Ichor torches. They’re the most expensive as they’re price is 66 Copper coins and they function perfectly under water and lava.

The torches can also illuminate your home and other areas of interest. As mentioned before, they don’t die out and so will provide a certain amount of comfort and awareness when travelling and exploring.

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